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Burnout. It’s real and it nearly destroyed my creativity the first time. As my calendar started to fill up, all the meetings and calls left me juggling too many things at the same time. There were moments that I wanted to drop everything so I could sit in a coffee shop and write, ignore my pinging notifications on my phone and get lost in something that I could build myself.

I stared at the computer screen so much that my eyes were stinging, and I had to take a break. I wandered out of the office and took a different street than I normally do on my lunchtime walks and found myself at the Venice canals. Walking around all the different houses and seeing a weird collection of perfectly misplaced plastic flamingos and koi fish, I realized that:

I’d rather be creating something. Anything. Something funny, brilliant, inspiring, whimsical, or raw. But something that told a compelling story.

But sitting alone, writing in a dark room to tell 100 compelling stories isn’t fulfilling enough. When I meet people who are suffering from burnout, so exhausted that they can’t manage to keep functioning, they lose not only part of themselves, but part of their story, and they not only shut themselves down, they shut down something that keeps them from relating to other people.

If you’ve lost creative ideas, creative skills and you need help being consistent, then start with my free 7 Day Challenge to get back into the creative process.


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