4 Taboo Subjects You MUST Share in Your Stories

We're constantly told to avoid touchy subjects, but with controversial subjects popping up more and more in mainstream culture, it’s time to stop avoiding them and learn how to integrate them in your stories: 


Can you think of anything more gratifying? Isn’t sex something that is mostly on our minds? If you have a dirty mind like me, then be proud of it and use it to your advantage. The most important reason that you should add sex, talk about sexuality, or use dirty puns is because sex sells. But there are ways to make it catchy and tasteful, and the successful comedians, television shows, commercials, books and movies do it well by using indirect techniques like double entendres and innuendos.   


In an age of alternative facts and the possible decline of democracy, listing facts to off-set alternative facts and lies just doesn’t cut it. Let the news stations and talk shows battle over the facts, you have got to leverage the power of story but don’t be afraid to talk about politics. Talk about how these policies and changes have affected you and your community, gather stories from others who are suffering from these changes and share them often, they will be more powerful and more shared than some debate on CNN.


People are afraid to talk about money, more importantly, the truth about their money, so you can use this to your advantage.

When I was still working in sales, I got to the third interview at New York Life, in a big, beautiful Los Angeles sky rise office wearing my hand me down suit. I had a test to complete before the interview where I had to start conversations with people about money. I found out that people do not like to admit that they don’t save what they should, they have no clue how to invest and that they actually take home a lot less pay then the lifestyle they live. New York Life knew this very well and used this opportunity to sell insurance and investments. Now, while New York Life is a decent insurance carrier, not all companies are the same and weasel themselves into your investments, you can use this controversial subject to serve people so they aren’t taken advantage of.   


In the past year, movies like 13th, and Get Out, are making waves like never before, and it’s about time that we talk about race. This subject is more complicated because racism seems hard to prove to people who haven’t experienced it.

One of my good friends, Dr. Cheryl Matias, publishes and gives lectures on race in education, and has received hateful threats, making it clear that people weren’t ready for her ideas. She persisted anyway and now the conversation is continuing more through mainstream media and she not only continues to publish and lecture, but mentors a new generation of professors and researchers.

Touch on that touchy subject, you’ve experienced at least one of these taboo subjects and you have a story to share that can not only better help your business by attracting some attention, but better serve the world with your talents.