Don't Ever Lose the Love

When I see people who get to work as professional dancers, athletes, singers, actors or any profession that you have as a hobby, I always thought how lucky they were to be able to do what they love for a living.

One of the subs that teaches the Tuesday night hip hop class is Ryan McGee, and if you’ve been following me, you may have seen him in previous posts. He’s a former dancer with the Jabbawockeez and other popular dance crews, and when you take his class you feel so uncoordinated at first but by the end of the class you feel like can keep on dancing like you were in a music video.

Now, I don’t normally like instructors that talk too much in class, but Ryan has so much heart because he tries to keep you motivated when you’re trying to learn the new routine.

At the end of the class, he spoke about his story, coming from Sacramento and trying to make it in Los Angeles. He signed on with an agent/production company that sends him on shoots, he rehearses long hours with different dance crews and it is starting to feel more like work to him. But teaching us his choreography that day recharged his batteries and he ended the class with 4 simple words:

Don’t Lose the Love. 

I feel this when I can’t focus on the copy I write in my 9-5 job, or on the days where I don’t feel the flow of writing. And flow doesn’t happen every day, so there are more days where you don’t feel the love, you only feel the work, the habit, the practice, for dancers it’s getting the steps burned in your brain and for writers you feel the words in your thoughts come through your fingertips and onto the screen.

Love comes in moments. When you can finally master that difficult routine or do a double turn. When you finally bring a scene or a character to life.

Sometimes, to truly live your passion, you have to love the process more than the result. In Ryan’s case, the result of being a professional dancer was burning him out, and he would tend to forget how much he loves the process of choreographing and performing a new routine.

So fall in love with your process. I fall in love with writing a book; I love sketching out the first scenes, creating characters and slowly bringing them to life. I fall in love with a dance routine; I fall in love with the steps and as Ryan says, "the musicality."

Fall in love with writing music. Fall in love with your workouts. Fall in love with inventing. But either way, never lose the love. The love is what gets you the results.

And people who are dreamers have it backwards. They love the results but won’t undergo the process. Trust the process, every step of it, and the results will come.

Don’t Lose the Love.