How Does Energy Affect Passion?

The energy you give to your creativity and efforts are going to determine how your passion manifests. You will need your energy to feed your passion on a daily basis, so it is not something that is expendable, it's one of your most valuable assets!

I went to see a co-worker speak in front of a small group of 300 people. While it seemed ridiculous to have the company fly the both of us out to this training for such a small group of clients, we went and I watched him prepare. Speaking in front of people and seeing the light bulb go off in their minds, enlightening them with the knowledge they needed to become better business owners and doing it all through his stories is his passion and it shows when he has the microphone.

After we had been through airports and drove rental cars around a new city, waited in line for hotel check ins to see the inside of another low end Marriot that fit the company per diem, I watched him speak to the group for a full three hours. He is normally a very funny guy, but he electrified the stage and was “on” like a comedian.

At the end of the three hours, the energy was gone from his face, I was even worried if he was going to be able to drive us both safely back to the hotel. His energy meter had been on fire until the last person left the room, but the minute the last client said goodbye and we went to the valet to get the car, he was leaning, exhausted against the counter and was barely standing up. Why? It takes everything you got, and it made me realize that the more you want something to happen, to enlighten, entertain, inform, you have to give it everything you’ve got.

Until I saw it in his face, I never realized that this is what being successful looked like, like leaning over the valet counter and having to get up the next morning, catch another flight, check into another Marriott, and gather up all the energy you have left to do it all over again. This is what musicians on tour do, this is what actors and filmmakers who work long days on a set do. If you want to live your passion, then gather your energy, and pour 100% in your preparation and at the time when you need to shine in the spotlight.

Then what rewards do you get for living your passion?

As people thanked us, I watched these beautiful Dallas women thank him, nearly fawning over him. Several stories he told were about him and his wife, all the quirks of marriage that make sitcoms and comedies so real. When I navigated the ride home, trying to help him stay awake in the Texas pitch black night, we found ourselves 9 miles off course on Texas country roads. As the navigator, I held his phone where I saw endless Facebook Messenger notifications. Dallas women messaged him of how he was so great, thanking him endlessly. When I teased him about having groupies, he shook his head, as a devout husband and Mormon he wasn’t the type to allow the thought to cross his mind. He said that you have to ignore all the compliments, all the feedback you get that is flattery and you must be careful of too much praise. The minute that you accept it all, you are above them, and become someone who is un-relatable. And once you’re un-relatable, no one will want to hear you speak, no one will take what you have to say for value.

So, what is the reward you get from the live crowd, all the preparation and use of energy?

You get to do it again. And again. Because it’s your passion. That’s it.