Why a Dirty Mind Helps You Create

If every dirty pun you hear gives you the giggles, then congratulations, you may have a talent for marketing and creative potential you don't even know yet.

I had a mentor that once told me, "people who often catch adult puns often make good marketers." Later I realized this was because of one very, very important reason: sex sells.

Using your dirty mind is not about how explicit you can make your art just to sell it, remember that movies that rely on sexually explicit scenes for their plot don't do too well, but scenes that make you gasp and think, "I can't believe they just said that!" are what stay in your mind. And this is the scroll stopping, page turning affect you want.

So next time you're embarrassed of getting the giggles when you hear a dirty pun, remember these 5 benefits of a dirty mind:

Wordsmithing and Visual Art

Or as a boss I once had called, pencil-fucking. You don't necessarily have to be a writer, you may find dirty puns and word in everyday conversation. If you do find yourself good with words, you're more likely to create punchy headlines, taglines and slogans that grab people's attention. You even catch things in Design that most people won't, even if the design and copy isn't intended to be dirty.

Sex Appeal

If you have a dirty mind, chances are you notice things with sex appeal and you even have some sex appeal yourself. This habit of making things more attractive and appealing will come through in anything you create.

You Speak Up

I am someone that had a hard time speaking up for so long and still do in certain settings. When people first meet me, they think I'm shy and quiet, but one factor that helps me find my voice is a when I call out something that seems dirty. The more I speak up about it, the more I realize that I can be more risky with my voice.

You're Fun

If you openly share what's on your mind, dirty or not, you're authentic. When you're authentic, people are drawn to you. And if you're in situations like meetings or any place where there are group conversations, you're just more interesting and human because you're saying what most people may be thinking. Remember, humor is catchy because some part of it is true.

You May Win and Lose People

Yes, not everyone has a dirty mind or tapped into theirs yet, so when you take risks you may lose some people. But don't be afraid, you're losing a small percentage of people who won't like it, in reality, most people love dirty humor or things with sex appeal.

When you stop labeling things as 'dirty', you're free to create and dig deeper. If anything does cross a line of decency, any editors or people who you give feedback will provide you insight if your creativity crosses the line from tasteful to raunchy.

Remember, you are to never make someone feel harassed in any way when you express your creative thoughts, that's not your purpose. Creating is about letting your mind become loose, and if you let out a giggle or create with a devious grin on your face, you're doing something right!