Get Out of that Conference Room: The Death of Advertising Agencies

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At one of the many barbeques I went to this summer, I talked to a good friend who recently was promoted at her job. While she normally works in Sales and manages a team, she asked me if I knew a good marketing firm for her company who did little advertising other than brochures and a website.

Now, she worked for a company that was high-in demand for real estate. But when I told her that advertising agencies, as seen on Mad Men and Bewitched, are dead, and that every company now has media channels that push out content. The Mad Men have been dead for a long time, and while there are media agencies more than marketing agencies and other consultants online everywhere, for the most part, the ad agency that creates campaigns is long gone.

Jingles Have Gone Away

When was the last time you heard a jingle? Even McDonald’s and other companies with commercials have less jingles or slogans that rhyme. With the age of digital content and context, we don’t know if you will only need sound or if your content will be viewed with the sound off, all we can do is master the visual, audio and words all at once to attract customers.

Less Actors, More Staging

While there are less actors being paid to endorse products or pay happy children to eat cereal, soccer moms to pedal the latest Betty Crocker boxed coking mix, or dads without said dad bods to sell men’s deodorant, people and social media experts have not taken the time to learn the very difficult art of acting, but instead, took the short cut to learn staging.

With a few Amazon orders, a mini studio, good camera angles and rough jumpcuts can bring together a decent homemade video, as I show on my YouTube channel, and for now that makes up for the lack of acting skills and lack of story because we think we’re getting more educated then we are entertained.

The Big Idea is Unaffordable

I’ve spent many hours in conference rooms with marketing teams as a copywriter waiting to get the greenlight to start writing material for a campaign once everybody found the “big idea”. We would throw around different themes, different stories and tag lines so we could later package them all up for the CEO—who at the time only had a vision for money.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I don’t have the marketing team or the time to wait for the big idea. Instead I have to spend my days sharing little ideas each day to make sure that the likes, shares, and hearts add up to compete with the big ideas a marketing team sitting in a conference room is doing right now.

So what is the advantage? Big ideas can take big money and more people. Little ideas take more time and engagement with people. What is at the heart of your business? When I was at the company, in the conference room in Venice, money was the only thing we were chasing. Now that I’m an entrepreneur, people and creating loyal, loving fans that I see benefit from my content are what I am chasing. 

Get Started

Right now, in this era, that smartphone you carry around is all you need to get started. The fancy conference rooms and big production sets at times left me feeling trapped and I was less likely to carry out my ideas than I am now with just my phone in my pocket. So start sharing the little ideas, let them build up to something greater. If you want to know more about your solo advantage of being a blogger, vlogger, or social entrepreneur, than leave a comment below or check out Content Creation Studio.

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