Impact Hour with Tom Bilyeu: Taking My Steps Out of the Matrix



When I hear Impact Quotes on YouTube, listen to Tom Bilyeu being interviewed, or his wife, Lisa Bilyeu on the Be Sheroic podcast, I’m so amazed by the intelligence and depth of their words, so much that I lose track of time when the autoplay on YouTube plays hours of their videos.

Since Impact Theory is local to Los Angeles, I decided to leave Venice and head to downtown LA for Impact Hour. At first, I thought this was a rare meet up and that I would be lucky if I only had 30 seconds to ask Tom a quick question, much like every other influencer. But to my surprise, not only did I get an Impact Theory T-shirt from winning the raffle, Tom will answer every question he gets, no matter how long it takes. He isn’t bothered by a selfie and the best part was that, I could come back next month and ask more, meet more people and have the opportunity to take part in the transformational mindset that I could already feel take place as he spoke about leading others out of “the Matrix”.

Escape the Matrix 

As hopeful Impactivists, we attend so we can be out of the Matrix, but we’ve only stepped out. Once you leave, you have to manage yourself.

Think of the moments where you’ve reached success. You reach that goal weight but you have to raise the intensity to maintain your muscle and strength. When you earn the level of income you want, you have to maintain responsible spending so you’re not in debt. When you have the fame you want, you have to maintain the level of hard work to keep your place at the top by being ready with the next book, song or movie. It’s no different when you leave the Matrix. Leaving the matrix makes you one of the defiant ones, an outlier, someone who can make the extraordinary things happen, but you have to work hard to stay out otherwise you feel the complacency.

For me, conformity was my worst nightmare. And I never had a place where I fit in. I even thought something was wrong with me because I couldn’t fit in like others did. I felt out of place at every job, school, and with my family, but I never felt like I could live within the normal standards of everyone else because I wanted to do extraordinary things with the gift of words that I had. This gift was something that I couldn’t help, it called to me and I had to nurture it every day.

But having a passion and trying to make it your life’s work is a fine line between love and torture—any writer who has finished a complete manuscript or screenplay knows these feelings. And when Tom spoke about suffering, this is where I knew that this group was the “positive peer pressure” that I needed to change.

Suffering is a MUST

When I started off as an entrepreneur, I didn’t feel suffering the way I did as a single mother in poverty, living in one of the most dangerous areas in Los Angeles. Getting five hours of sleep each night seems like a luxury after sleeping on a cot in a shelter with other families. Downsizing your life to invest in your business didn’t seem difficult since I already was a minimalist because the three of us live in a small apartment. I didn’t have the need to buy expensive things, I don’t have a craving for retail therapy and learned to love second hand clothes. Fasting didn’t seem like suffering after you’ve had to go to bed hungry because you didn’t have enough food to eat.

So why the hell does this guy try to suffer on purpose? I felt like suffering was something I had to remedy as quickly as I could. I have seen many other homeless families give up and never get back on their feet. I was so determined to end the suffering of poverty, starvation and misery, so why did I need more of this?

At Impact Hour, I realized that I took my suffering for granted. Looking back, I’m glad that it gave me the grit I needed to survive and that I built resilience after those years of sacrifice and rejections. It is the only way I can change. Even through my time at London Real I noticed that I had the ability to take action quickly on things where many people had to fight resistance. For the first time I was able to let go of feeling so ashamed of the suffering I endured these past few years and it began to feel like my super power instead.

I needed more of this—because I knew that Impact Theory was already opening my mind by listening to Tom speak, but being there, and if I kept showing up, I knew that it could change me.  

Impact Ideology

To be there, we have to understand the Impact Ideology: DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO RUN A PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

This is why I loved Gary Vaynerchuk. I knew that I could do what it takes. And when I said goodbye to Brian Rose and his team at London Real, I knew that I wouldn’t stop when the days got hard, even after I had a profitable business. 

And now I expect the dark days ahead, it was the only guarantee every writer and entrepreneur will face. But when you know that you can be the best at something, suffering through those dark days seems like such a small price to pay.

Can you do what it takes? Will you do what it takes? If you’re able to keep moving forward between that balance of love and torture, then become an Impactivist.

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