#VlogLikeaBoss: Essential Steps for Making Quality Vlogs


Since I started watching SavvySexySocial with Amy Schmittauer, I was hooked to her channel because she has vlogging techniques that work. So when she offered a contest for her viewers to be in the live audience at Creative Live studios in San Francisco, I submitted a video but thought that I wouldn’t win. After a surprise email from Creative Live about reserving a seat for me, I decided to make the trek out to San Francisco’s design district to learn how to vlog like a boss.

But vlogging like a boss was only a fraction of what I learned from Amy. That day, she showed me where I wanted to be in my business and what I needed to focus on for my viewers through my knowledge and values.

Amy’s Top Three Questions

There is quality needed in every step of making a vlog, getting it to viewers and selling your products, and I realized where I was dropping the ball on certain steps.

The first most basic and most essential step was Charlotte. Amy has Charlotte as her avatar, and in the beginning mine was Melissa, but when men started becoming my customers, I had to pivot and talk to a new person behind the camera, Ryan.

I make videos for Ryan, who so badly wants to teach people the things he’s passionate about but isn’t an expressive storyteller. I help him with being better on video and talking about his passions on camera so that he can become a better storyteller and stay inspired, create connections with his viewers. By helping him, I am able to achieve fulfillment, write more and talking about story is something I could talk about for hours (and I light up when I talk about it). When I have opportunities to help other people love this craft like I do and create a platform for myself as a writer, it’s incredibly rewarding.

The very first coaching session I had with Ryan, he told me about Robby, a boy who was a weak link on his hockey team but worked incredibly hard until he won the sought after titles in the league. I then coached Ryan talk to the camera to reach out to all the “Robby” personas out there who want to be a high performance hockey player, his videos changed and became more effective.

When Amy referred to Charlotte several times throughout the day, I knew that I left behind Ryan, and it was time to talk to him more through the lens. So whether you are the hockey coach, a dog behaviorist, a product developer, financial advisor, a fitness instructor or beauty vlogger, all clients who I am super proud of, I have you in mind with every word I speak to the camera.

Am I Giving Enough?

Writers understand that you are not a successful writer unless you read and understand your market. The same is true with vlogging and other forms of content creation, there are times to consume content because consuming the right doses will help you fill your cup and give more. I realized that I wasn’t balancing enough give and take and becoming frustrated with the slow and sometimes stagnant growth.  

But when Amy talked about what you give to followers and how you should make them feel, then the game changed. I started asking myself, “what can I give to them?” and under Amy’s advice I also asked myself, “how can I include them?” When I realized that keeping them interested includes asking for favors as a way to make them feel included in your decision making process and being sincerely appreciative and attentive will make your followers loyal, raving fans.  

What about Books?

For me, this was the top piece of advice that revitalized my passion for writing. For a long time, I felt like books were a dead end to making money and that novels and nonfiction books were just going to end up as an expensive, time-consuming hobby. And although they had always been part of my dream to become an author, I knew that writing and selling books were not something that I wanted to give up on, it would be throwing away years of learning a craft.

So when I asked Amy about why she poured a chunk of her intellectual property into a book, her response recharged my spirit:

“My book has done more for me than I ever could have imagined.”

And books always will. Apps, coaching or gimmicky merchandise will not create something you can sign at a speaking gig, cannot create something that someone will quickly open when they feel lost and overwhelmed, and isn’t delivered in memorable stories the way novels and other self-development books are. From this moment, I knew that my dream wasn’t dead, and that the only skill I had would never be wasted.

I Want More of the Creative Life

The hours in that studio at Creative Live just flew by, I could have listened to Amy talk for another eight hours if I didn’t have to fly home. I could have spent hours sipping more Moscow Mules on the rooftop, talking to more vloggers and creators about what we were going to vlog about next. Just like my trek to London when I met Brian Rose, I felt instantly connected to a group of brilliant minds and as vloggers and content creators, I know that we make so much more than vlogs and blogs. And every time I hit record, I know I need to keep leading with quality, speak with heart and give as much love in each video you make.

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