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Content Creation Studio 

Module 1: Cross the Threshold 

What are the 3 questions that are echoing in your mind, possibly keeping you from moving forward in your business? The creative process is wonderful and brutal at the same time, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Get started with a basic storytelling technique that you can start sharing today! 

Module 2: Find Your Five 

You’re sharing your moments that are part of your bigger story, but it’s time to narrow your focus so you can start applying your stories to your business. In this module, you’ll “find your 5” to help you have a more focused platform so you can start soft selling your product.

Module 3: Taming the Creative Mind 

Are your ideas pouring in so fast that it’s taking over your mind? Creativity is something that needs mental training, so in this module I’ll show you some quick tips to help you have an “active” mind that will help you have more focus on developing your ideas.

Module 4: Bite Size Breadcrumbs 

Documenting, or “breadcrumbing” is a storytelling technique used by major influencers. If you are worried that you don’t have expertise or credibility, then this technique will help you earn it

MODULE 5: Take Inventory 

If you are doubting your idea or wondering what to do for even more engagement, then you have to ask yourself these two words and how they can help you add value.


YOU and YOUR story are the advantage that big companies do not have, so in this module, learn some powerful tools that will help you stand out from large companies and other competitors.