Advertising is dying. Storytelling lives on. 


stand out 

With the death of commercials, jingles and A list celebrities selling products, grabbing attention and keeping it has never been more difficult.

But, it has also never been this accessible. Big or small companies are no longer left with fighting over time slots with big networks, instead, they just need to reach the right people with the right amount of story, so let me help you get started. 


I left my cubicle one day at work and went for a walk in the Venice canals near Venice Beach. I was raking my brain to come up with taglines and copy that usually takes an entire team of marketers to do, but this small company had my juggling different responsibilities. All I could think of as I walked past the colorful houses and plastic flamingos was:

I'd rather be writing. 

I had stories I wanted to share but everything I did was meant to sell products--and even worse products that didn't help people feel healthy and beautiful.

So I started finding stories to share, and it began to drive engagement and leads. But I still needed more. 

That's why I started the Creativity Boss Project. I've spent years learning the craft of story and how to deliver it on any platform necessary.

If you feel you don't know what to say once you hit record, or if you constantly find yourself in front of a blank screen never knowing what to write, then let's get started!